Tocllaraju (6032m)

Tocllaraju mountain is a spectacular pyramidal (masiso) that reigns above Ishinca valley with its high and perfect shape. It is famous because many climbers have visited each season, as well as because its beauty, this snow covered peak of attractive hillsides and edges is crowned by a huge mushroom of ice. From its summit can be seen mountains such as:  Copa, Aquilpo, Ranrapalca, Huamash, Ocshapalca, Palcarajui, Vallunaraju, Etc.

ItineraryQuitaraju mountain climbing

Day 1: Huaraz – Collon (3500m) – Base camp  (4200m)

Day 2:  Basecamp  – Camp I (5300m)

Day 3: Camp I –  Tocllaraju Summit (6032m) – Base camp

Day 4: Base camp – Huaraz – Hotel

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